Collavate Update - Archive Features, More Languages, and Enhancements

Collavate is proud to release version 3.10.1 shortly after 3.9.1. We couldn’t wait to deliver more features, support highly-requested languages, and further our enhancements for our users!
New Archive Feature For better viewing and organization on your Collavate Home and Template screens, we are proud to introduce an Archive Feature. Too many posts and workflow previews on your Home screen’s timeline? Now you have the option to hide them with the Archive Feature. An archive icon will now appear in the top right corner of each post and workflow preview on your Collavate Home screen. We have also added this archive feature to the Templates menu.

Archived posts will be hidden from your timeline. To view archived posts, you can simply click on [Show Archived] to view them.

When you are on the Archived Posts viewing, the button will revert to [Hide Archived] to allow you to re-click the button to go back to your normal timeline. Feel free to clean up any old or unwanted posts with the Archive…

Collavate Spring Update - Widgets for Website, Task Manager, Auto-translate and Improved User Interface Design

As of spring 2017, Collavate version 3.9.1 was released today. This version includes widgets for websites, a task manager, auto-translation feature and user interface improvements.

Widgets for Website
Want to build an intranet or enterprise portal for your company? Now, it’s possible with Collavate widgets for the website. You can use Collavate’s group and post widget codes to paste onto your Website or Google Sites to use. You can also add Collavate’s workflow widgets and Google widgets, such as Gmail gadgets and Google Calendar gadgets.

The Collavate Post widget web address appear as seen below:
Group post widget:

For example, Collavate’s public group unique number is: 6560596137082880, making the shortcut web address of the gadget:
The above web address can be added as a site widget or google sites iframe gadgets.

To-do list task manager with due date
Need to complet…

Establish Team working place for outside contractors and shift workers in Google Drive

The percentage of employees to working from home has grown over the past decade. Telecommunication enables growth in company partnerships, instant global communication, flexible work hours for workers, and the ability to work mobily.

Collavate’s Remote Drive feature allows remote access to your company’s collavate platform to external company users such as freelancers, contractors, and clients. Remote user access is vastly used across a variety of industries such as information technology, legal services, journalism, human relations, and more. Granting access to remote users is highly convenient for effective communication and collaboration.

In addition to convenience, Remote Drive access also provides cost-effective and security benefits. This feature avoids the need to purchase additional G Suite user licences to collaborate internally within a company’s domain. Remote Drive users can join your Google Drive centralized company platform for file sharing and project collaboration. The e…

The Latest Collavate Updates: Public Group and Pin Posts

Updates to kickstart the 2017 New Year! Our Collavate team is determined to move forward and further with our software enhancements this year, just as we have in the previous years. Our advantage is that Collavate is better than it has ever been before, and we only plan to grow from here!

Here are a few updates to start off this year-- with many more to come throughout 2017:

① Public Group We want our users to be informed about our updates and announcements. In the Public Group tab located on the Collavate home screen, we have created a Collavate Public Group. All Collavate users across all company domains are invited and encouraged to join to always be in the loop with our latest releases and announcements. This is our direct way of informing our users regarding our releases and updates. Joining our Public Group will highly be beneficial for staying informed on our latest features and more!

For more details on how to find our Public Group and how to join, visit our Public Group article

② …

5 Must-Haves for Document Management in Google Drive

Many G Suite users find themselves needing a streamlined workflow for handling documents and features specifically for work collaboration. It is possible to fully operate with your Google Drive and veer away from Google’s Team Drive limitation to only users in your organization. This limits collaboration with clients, company partners, and contractors. Here are the 5 must-haves for Document Management to operate on top of your Google Drive-- all provided by Collavate.

1. Team Drives for everyone without limits
Google offers Team Drives for G Suite Business users and has limitations such as only allowing Team Drive for colleagues within the same domain. Collavate offers a Team Drives for everyone, including G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. A Collavate Workspace folder creates a Team Drive for whomever you’d like to invite with an email address-- not limiting you to only users in your domain or organization.
2. Social project management
Document sharing, collaboration for work, and effe…

Collavate Home Screen and Workflow Popup UI Enhancement

Collavate users can now search through workflow processes all from the Home screen! Quickly retrieve your Drafts, Docs that need to be reviewed, are in Progress, Approved docs, and more. Your processed documents, received and sent workflows, can now all be retrieved from your Home screen.

Workflow Popup Enhanced The new workflow popup now smoothly expands a file onto your screen. The usage of space and colors have been enhanced for a better viewing experience.

We thank our users for valuable feedback and are constantly striving to better our application for user experience and work productivity. We hope you enjoy these new enhancements!

- The Collavate Team

New Release of Collavate Group Posts for Teamwork

Collavate Groups

Collavate is proud to announce the release of Collavate Groups!

Creating a group is a great way to communicate with employees belonging to a department, coordinating with groups for work, or announcing information for an event. Both domain-public and private group pages can be created.

Domain Groups
A domain group allows everyone in the domain to view posts in the group. Group posts can be used to relay information about a company event and be used for any purpose it is needed for. Domain groups can organize groups to be relevant to a topic or event and anything that is posted on the group page will notify users of a post in the domain group. Members can easily click on a particular group to find the information they are looking for.

Private Groups
Private groups will only show posts to the members belonging to the private group. Private groups are ideal for teams and departments. Private groups allows the posts on the group page to only be seen by those in the group, enabl…