Collavate Winter Software Update 4.5.0 - Reprocessing, Recurring Workflow & Doc to Web publishing

We have been hard at work since fall to bring a new feature set to Collavate! Created from many users feedback and requests, we’re pleased to announce our Reprocessing, Publishing, and Recurring Process features. We hope adding these new features will increase your workflow efficiency and make Collavate more reflexive to your needs. Let’s talk about what these new features do! Reprocessing Adding the ability to reprocess a document was only logical. Previously, when a document had been submitted and approved, you would need to create a copy to edit and process it individually. Now, you can edit the document directly and reprocess the same document. We know how important retaining version history and document activity can be for our clients who are regularly audited, or need to refer to earlier document versions regularly. Regularly updated documents, scripts, and publications can benefit from this. Instead of creating new versions constantly, you can now keep one document throughout the …

Collavate Version 4.4.4 Update - Workflow Dynamic Email

We are excited to share the last new update for 2019! This update includes the ability to enter a review when approving payments within Gmail, as well as mobile feature updates. 1. Workflow Dynamic Email Email messages have been in a fixed message format, and users only can take further actions such as clicking hyperlink to visit websites via links. However, Google is working on making email more useful and interactive in Gmail. For example, you can view information such as the latest comments directly on the email rather than on additional email alarms. This allows you to complete event bookings, complete surveys and respond directly to emails. Collavate utilized this technology on approval workflows, allowing approvers to open an email and leave their comments and approve directly from the email. This means that instead of receiving individual email notifications when you are mentioned in a comment, you can check the latest thread to reply or resolve directly within Gmail messages. As sho…

New Pricing for Collavate Single and Business Plans

The Collavate plan price will increase to $ 4/user/month (Annual Billing) or $5/user/month (monthly) for business plans from Jan 1st, 2020. For single-paid (team), this will change to $ 2/user/month (annual payment, or $ 3/user/month). Existing customers will see the following increase for renewals after Jan 1st, 2020.
Collavate is a team collaboration and approval workflow platform for Google Drive which continues to invest in faster, more stable performance, easier to use design improvements, and more recently, ISO 9001 certification and patents for document management and quality management. Detailed features released over the past few years can be found on the Collavate blog website.

If you have any questions or need more details, please contact the Collavate Support Group.

Collavate 4.4.3 update - Group Post bookmark and Group CC process

As we celebrate the beginning of 2020, Collavate has released two major updates! 1. Bookmark Group Post Bulletin You can now add Group Posts to your favorites. If you have many projects or groups, you can easily access your favorite groups by adding them as favorites. A star will appear when you hover over the group name and click it to add it to your favorite group. This makes it more easily accessible in the future. 2. Approval on CC and Group CC In some cases, you may need to request an approval from a reference group after the initial approval from your team or department. For example, if you need to request support from the coordinating department to proceed with a project, you may want to ask for approval from other teams for their resources - even if you have approval from your team leader. This means asking for approval from the person registered with the coordinating department after the final approval on my settlement line. In order to use this feature, your Collavate admin can go …

Collavate 4.4.2 update - Workflow Delegation

Collavate is a compliance workflow app that provides more than 30 publishing approval features. Collavate's ‘Approve for Everyone’ feature allows other delegated approvers to make approvals on behalf of a supervisor or colleague,which is useful when on a vacation or business trip. In order to use the “Approve for Everyone” function, the admin of the Collavate Business can simply enable it from the workflow page. When the submitter drafts the document and uploads it, the delegated approvers will get an email notification. He or she can then complete the process by approving for everyone. For example, if the 3rd approver in the approver chain made the final decision on the document with 5 reviewers as shown below, it will be marked as ‘Approved for all’, and the next lines of approvers will automatically be recorded as “approved”.
Previously, all the checks were marked as approved without any distinction, but now it’s recorded with more clarified distinction between the user who has …

Collavate acquired ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Getting the ISO certificate means that Collavate is taking the right steps to achieve and maintain high levels of quality control superiority. However, the certification demands that we continue to stay motivated to improve and keep up with current customer needs. Continuous improvement
Employees at Collavate understand how their daily tasks relate to the vision of the company. If the employees understand that they make a huge contribution toward the accomplishment of the company’s goals, they work meticulously as a team to achieve these objectives. Such teamwork is critical in the growth of our business, and our customers businesses. Having some specialists who make the most of the available technology is our sure-fire way to make sure we maximize returns and cut our costs. By doing this, we can continually offer Collavate at its lowest price available. Our quality specialists are always addressing the following issues: • Improving the company’s internal structures to guarantee efficiency…

Collavate Update Ver. 4.4.1 - Lock Approvers in a Template

Collavate supports a variety of approval workflow methods such as parallel and sequential approval. Moreover, you can also utilize the template feature to approve the form of the document. This allows the Collavate Admin to create company's designated template, and then save the template with a predefined flow of approvers. Until now, the document submitter was able to change the approver within the template. From now on, the submitter won’t be able to modify or delete approvers in the template. When a Collavate Admin saves a template, documents that should be submitted to the company's common payer can be locked. This allows the submitter to submit the document for approval without the risk of accidentally deleting or modifying the payer information. For example, for a purchase note, if the payer is always the same approver, you can save the approver from the purchase document template as the purchasing lead. Using Collavate is easy!  In the Collavate side menu bar, on the right …