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Feature Update: Reset, or Edit Workflow Processes

"Have you ever sent out a document to the wrong person? or, have ever you submitted your vacation report to the wrong department?"

"Have you ever had a reviewer sitting on an approval process and leave without approving your document?"
"Has that ever resulted in missing a deadline for an important project?"

If these experiences are familiar to you, take heart, because now you can do something about it.

Collavate’s Reset/Edit feature is here to save you as it allows you to reset the process that you have already submitted as if you had never submitted it, or add or remove reviewers by editing reviewers information.

In order to use Reset/Edit feature, it must first be turned on by your Collavate admin in [Admin > Workflow] menu. Once your admin turns on the menu, you will be able to see the Reset and Edit buttons above your Submitted documents list in [Process > My sent > Submitted] category.

Do you see those buttons? Ok great, now you are ready to res…

Collavate is Finally Available as a Google Docs Add-ons!

“Is there any way I can submit a Google doc for approval without switching to the Collavate interface?”

With Collavate’s Add-ons, the answer is now: Yes! Now you are able to submit your Google docs for approval, add tags, and even approve documents received by you without visiting Collavate’s web application.

As shown in the screenshot above, when you open Collavate from the Add-ons menu, you will be able to submit, review, and approve your document all through your Google Docs screen.

You can enjoy the benefits of Collavate’s Add-ons even if you do not have a Collavate account already setup through the Collavate application.
While you can tag documents using Collavate’s Add-ons, you cannot create new tags. In order to create new tags, you will have to login to the Collavate application and create the new tags in your tag library before you can use it in the Add-ons version. 

If you are logged in with your Google account right now, you can simply click the link below and install Collava…

Collavate’s Mobile Web edition - Beta Release

You don’t want to do work on weekends or holidays, but sometimes, you can’t avoid it.  When that happens, don’t take all of your work related documents with you.  Instead, just take your smart phone, login at, and take care of business wherever you are! Collavate’s mobile web edition, the beta version of which has just been released, is available immediately through your smart phone’s browser.  Simply visit and click “LOGIN” to begin using.  No need to install it from your Google Playstore or Apple Store. Collavate works on Android phones and on Apple iphones and ipads, and it allows you to easily search, review and approve documents that are submitted to you. Not only you can review and approve documents, but also open the corresponding documents in Google Docs, and collaborate with your team members in real time.  You can also make comments as you approve/reject the documents.

Add Collavate to your home Add Collavate to your home screen.  The…

Collavate Releases New Group CC and CC Features

After you have used Collavate to obtain departmental approval for a request, it is very often necessary to provide other departments with notice of the approval.  

For instance, once you have received approval for a purchase request from your department, you need to then forward the approval to the finance department so that they can then process your request and make payment for the purchase.  

You may also need to provide a copy of the approval to your administrative department for recording keeping purposes.   Previously, Collavate did not have a way to unify all of these processes into one single process. 
Users of Collavate had to print out approved documents and literally bring them to the finance department and/or the administrative department.  

It was very inconvenient and time consuming; and keeping track of records was burdensome. Now, with Collavate’s newly released “Group CC” and “CC” features, you can easily integrate all of these processes and manage your documents and record…

Collavate releases weekly reminder email feature.

There are many occasions where people miss or forget to review or take action on documents that have been submitted to them.  If a document that needs collaboration between different people is overlooked, it can cause significant delays and losses in productivity. In order to prevent this from happening, and at the same time to make it easier for Collavate users to keep track of documents that they need to take action on, Collavate has developed its Weekly Reminder Email feature. The screenshot above shows an example of a Weekly Report Email which can be sent out once a week to Collavate users.  The email contains several items of useful information, such as the documents to be reviewed, documents that haven’t been reviewed but are more than 6 months old, and etc.   Then, if the user clicks on the Collavate link in the email, it will lead the user directly to the approval page. The direct link to the approval page will be available on smartphones upon release of Collavate’s mobile web ve…

Collavate PDF is released. Download as PDF, including approval information.

Collavate, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its latest feature: “PDF Conversion.” This is a great new feature that addresses two very important concerns: printing and archiving.

Picture1. Result of PDF printing document in process of approval workflow. Left: Cover page / Right: Actual content of document.

Picture 1 above shows how a “Print as PDF” would look for a document that is going through Collavate’s approval process.

Picture 2 below explains the different parts of the cover page. Picture 2. Collavate’s PDF cover page. 

1. Company logo

Your company’s logo that you uploaded to Collavate will be printed.
2. Title of the approval process

Subject: Title of your approval process will be printed.
3. Status of approval process

If your organization is using the signature option, the name and submitted/processed time will be printed with the signature. Date format follows settings in your Collavate “profile” page.
4. Carbon Copy/Group Recipients

If there are CC Recipients and/or Group…

Collavate Unlocks Unlimited Google Drive Storage for Personal Gmail Users

Google Apps Unlimited Edition, introduced last week at the Google I/O 2014, provides unlimited storage space, document encryption, and auditing features on top of Google Apps for Business. 

Since it provides unlimited storage space, users of Google Apps Unlimited no longer have to worry about running out of storage space and having to purchase extra storage. That’s great news for the Google Apps customer who can upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited, but not for the personal Gmail user for whom this feature is unavailable.  

So, even if a Google Apps Unlimited customer shares a folder with a personal Gmail user, and the personal Gmail user uploads the file, the file will consume the storage capacity of the personal Gmail user, and the personal Gmail user will not enjoy the benefits of the domain’s unlimited storage.   However, now with Collavate’s Remote Drive User feature, personal Gmail users may also take advantage of the unlimited storage provided by Google Apps Unlimited.  

By being …

Collavate, Powered by Google Drive for Work!

The platform of Collavate is 100% Google Drive and it saves all of the data and documents of a customer in the customer’s own Google Drive. Today, Google announced “Google Drive for Work”  at Google I/O 2014. ‘Google Drive for Work’ introduced unlimited storage space and ability to encrypt data. 

They proved again that Google Drive is the best cloud storage platform in the existing market. Now you can enjoy the rich features of "Google Drive for Work" in Collavate.

1. Unlimited storage space Document management in Collavate is centralized through an Google Apps account named “Document Manager”. Every documents that have gone through workflow process, documents with security levels, and documents generated by a remote drive user are saved in the central “Document Manager”’s Google Drive. Now if you purchase “Google Drive for Work”, which is $10 per month, for your document manager’s account, not only other accounts in your domain, but also any other personal Gmail users can take …

Changes to Collavate for Businesses.

Collavate started with the simple idea that document collaboration in the Cloud can help businesses, schools and organizations work together better and be more productive.   The problem, however, is that the solutions offered by Google (Apps and Drive) are hard to manage and often cause more problems than they solve.    So, Collavate re-invented Google Drive to make collaboration simpler to use and easier to manage, and with better protection of an organization’s domain.   Collavate has now grown from a handful of customers to over two thousand customers and over 400,000 users. When we first launched a paid version of Collavate, we kept a free Standard Edition with limits on certain functions so users could experience our product without having to purchase it.   Over time, however, we received a lot of complaints and misunderstandings concerning the free product.   One such complaint was that the limitations of the free version prevented larger users from fully experiencing our product.   …

COLLAVATE’s “Remote Drive User” is Now Fully Released!

Collavate is proud to announce that it’s “Remote Drive User” feature, which had been released in a “beta” version with limited functionality, is now  officially fully released and is no longer a “beta” product.We are excited to announce the release of our latest feature, “Remote Drive User.” This feature allows an organization to invite outsider collaborators to work within the domain without giving such outside collaborators access to the domain.  When outside collaborators create a document in the organization’s domain, the ownership of that document automatically transfer to the domain admin or other designated person within the domain.   This allows the organization to protect documents created in and shared with the domain by outside collaborators without concerns about the copyright of the document and without worries about whether the collaborator will “disappear” with the document. As with many of our features, Remote Drive User was conceived based on user demand.  We have rece…