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Collavate releases weekly reminder email feature.

There are many occasions where people miss or forget to review or take action on documents that have been submitted to them.  If a document that needs collaboration between different people is overlooked, it can cause significant delays and losses in productivity. In order to prevent this from happening, and at the same time to make it easier for Collavate users to keep track of documents that they need to take action on, Collavate has developed its Weekly Reminder Email feature. The screenshot above shows an example of a Weekly Report Email which can be sent out once a week to Collavate users.  The email contains several items of useful information, such as the documents to be reviewed, documents that haven’t been reviewed but are more than 6 months old, and etc.   Then, if the user clicks on the Collavate link in the email, it will lead the user directly to the approval page. The direct link to the approval page will be available on smartphones upon release of Collavate’s mobile web ve…

Collavate PDF is released. Download as PDF, including approval information.

Collavate, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its latest feature: “PDF Conversion.” This is a great new feature that addresses two very important concerns: printing and archiving.

Picture1. Result of PDF printing document in process of approval workflow. Left: Cover page / Right: Actual content of document.

Picture 1 above shows how a “Print as PDF” would look for a document that is going through Collavate’s approval process.

Picture 2 below explains the different parts of the cover page. Picture 2. Collavate’s PDF cover page. 

1. Company logo

Your company’s logo that you uploaded to Collavate will be printed.
2. Title of the approval process

Subject: Title of your approval process will be printed.
3. Status of approval process

If your organization is using the signature option, the name and submitted/processed time will be printed with the signature. Date format follows settings in your Collavate “profile” page.
4. Carbon Copy/Group Recipients

If there are CC Recipients and/or Group…

Collavate Unlocks Unlimited Google Drive Storage for Personal Gmail Users

Google Apps Unlimited Edition, introduced last week at the Google I/O 2014, provides unlimited storage space, document encryption, and auditing features on top of Google Apps for Business. 

Since it provides unlimited storage space, users of Google Apps Unlimited no longer have to worry about running out of storage space and having to purchase extra storage. That’s great news for the Google Apps customer who can upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited, but not for the personal Gmail user for whom this feature is unavailable.  

So, even if a Google Apps Unlimited customer shares a folder with a personal Gmail user, and the personal Gmail user uploads the file, the file will consume the storage capacity of the personal Gmail user, and the personal Gmail user will not enjoy the benefits of the domain’s unlimited storage.   However, now with Collavate’s Remote Drive User feature, personal Gmail users may also take advantage of the unlimited storage provided by Google Apps Unlimited.  

By being …