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Collavate Releases New Group CC and CC Features

After you have used Collavate to obtain departmental approval for a request, it is very often necessary to provide other departments with notice of the approval.  

For instance, once you have received approval for a purchase request from your department, you need to then forward the approval to the finance department so that they can then process your request and make payment for the purchase.  

You may also need to provide a copy of the approval to your administrative department for recording keeping purposes.   Previously, Collavate did not have a way to unify all of these processes into one single process. 
Users of Collavate had to print out approved documents and literally bring them to the finance department and/or the administrative department.  

It was very inconvenient and time consuming; and keeping track of records was burdensome. Now, with Collavate’s newly released “Group CC” and “CC” features, you can easily integrate all of these processes and manage your documents and record…