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Collavate’s Mobile Web edition - Beta Release

You don’t want to do work on weekends or holidays, but sometimes, you can’t avoid it.  When that happens, don’t take all of your work related documents with you.  Instead, just take your smart phone, login at, and take care of business wherever you are! Collavate’s mobile web edition, the beta version of which has just been released, is available immediately through your smart phone’s browser.  Simply visit and click “LOGIN” to begin using.  No need to install it from your Google Playstore or Apple Store. Collavate works on Android phones and on Apple iphones and ipads, and it allows you to easily search, review and approve documents that are submitted to you. Not only you can review and approve documents, but also open the corresponding documents in Google Docs, and collaborate with your team members in real time.  You can also make comments as you approve/reject the documents.

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