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Feature Update: Reset, or Edit Workflow Processes

"Have you ever sent out a document to the wrong person? or, have ever you submitted your vacation report to the wrong department?"

"Have you ever had a reviewer sitting on an approval process and leave without approving your document?"
"Has that ever resulted in missing a deadline for an important project?"

If these experiences are familiar to you, take heart, because now you can do something about it.

Collavate’s Reset/Edit feature is here to save you as it allows you to reset the process that you have already submitted as if you had never submitted it, or add or remove reviewers by editing reviewers information.

In order to use Reset/Edit feature, it must first be turned on by your Collavate admin in [Admin > Workflow] menu. Once your admin turns on the menu, you will be able to see the Reset and Edit buttons above your Submitted documents list in [Process > My sent > Submitted] category.

Do you see those buttons? Ok great, now you are ready to res…

Collavate is Finally Available as a Google Docs Add-ons!

“Is there any way I can submit a Google doc for approval without switching to the Collavate interface?”

With Collavate’s Add-ons, the answer is now: Yes! Now you are able to submit your Google docs for approval, add tags, and even approve documents received by you without visiting Collavate’s web application.

As shown in the screenshot above, when you open Collavate from the Add-ons menu, you will be able to submit, review, and approve your document all through your Google Docs screen.

You can enjoy the benefits of Collavate’s Add-ons even if you do not have a Collavate account already setup through the Collavate application.
While you can tag documents using Collavate’s Add-ons, you cannot create new tags. In order to create new tags, you will have to login to the Collavate application and create the new tags in your tag library before you can use it in the Add-ons version. 

If you are logged in with your Google account right now, you can simply click the link below and install Collava…