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[Collavate Update] Advanced Search, Custom Menu Setting, and More

Hello Collavate Users.

Collavate is proud to announce its feature update! Please check out our many new features and improvements, and please tell us what you think.

1.  Advanced Search
Before the release of Collavate’s new Advanced Search feature, finding a document was sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Often times searches would return too many results to be practically useful.  

[Collavate Advanced Search Screen] Now with Advanced Search, you can filter the results using various categories such as title, ownership, persons with whom the document was shared, and etc.  This allows you to more efficiently and accurately search for documents.
In the case of submitted documents, you can filter them by owner, submitted date, and process status, to narrow the field to only the wanted document.

2. Custom View: Customized Menu Setup - Administrator Setting
Each company has its own requirements and standards.  It has its own distintive look and feel.  Now, with Collavate’s “Custo…

[Update Notice] Document Centralization at Creation, and Improvements on UI

Hello Collavate Users !
Here are our updates for March.  We have listened to your comments and suggestions, and they are reflected in these updates.  Your further comments and suggestions are always welcome!

1. More Versatile PDF download/print function for Google Sheets We know that it’s a hassle trying to print a Google Sheet document which requires delicate touches before printing. Therefore, Collavate made it simpler by enhacing our PDF download feature. [Improved PDF download/print for Google Sheets]
We improved on the old version which only incuded the option to select layouts so now you can select various print options, and paper size.  We hope that this improvement will make your day easier.

2. Improvements to Collavate’s Add-on for Google Docs & Google Sheets We have also made improvements to Collavate’s Add-on for Google Docs/Google Sheets, which you can access by installing it from the ‘Add-ons’ section.

The screen where you select a reviewer has become more organized, and a…

Streamline Your Workflow in Google Sheets Using Collavate Add-on

Collavate, Inc.

March 18, 2015

Sunnyvale, California. Collavate, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Collavate’s Google Sheet Add-on!

# What is Collavate’s Add-on for Google Sheets? The Collavate’s Add-on for Google Sheets enables users to fully utilize the effective workflow management functions of Collavate on Google Sheets.  Now you can more easily and efficiently submit documents for processing while enjoying the full features of Collavate.

# Features 1.  Use Collavate’s features (workflow design) on Google Sheets. 2.  Streamline workflow processes without using emails or swapping USB drives. 3.  Find documents being processed under the “Process” menu on Collavate’s main page. 4.  Automatically transfer document ownership to the designated Document Manager in organizations.

# How to Install and Use 1. Install directly from the “Add-ons” tab in Google Sheets:  Open a Google Sheet, go to ‘Add-ons’ menu, click ‘Get add-ons’ to visit the Add-on Store and enter ‘collavate’ on search bar: