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[Update Notice] Now Available: Customization of the Name of Menus and Functions

Hello Collavate Users!

We are pleased to announce our end of May updates. The two updates described below reflect our continuing efforts to listen to you and to provide you with the solutions you want and need.

1. Label Management.  This new feature allows you to customize the name of menus and functions to better suit your specific uses.

2. Departmental User Management.  Thisfeature, accessible through the Admin Panel, allows the domain admin to arrange and track users by departments.
1.  Label Management:  Customize the name of menus and functions in Collavate.

The domain administrator can use the “Label Management” feature by going to the [Administrator > Custom View] window.  There, each of the main menu’s buttons can be customized to the specific needs of your organization.

The admin can make changes to the following 6 different categories:

1. Main Screen’s Menu and Buttons: Home, Process, Upload, Create and more; 2. Process Menu Button: Agree, Approve, Reject, Process and more; 3. S…

[Update Notice] New Process Sorting Menu, Advanced Search in File Attachments, and Automatic Signature Image Re-sizing.

Hello Collavate Users,
Summer is coming, and we have some exciting new updates that will improve your Collavate experience.
1. New Sorting Option for Processed Files.
“Approved” and “Rejected” sorting menus have been added to the “Process” menu.  Now, all processed documents will get sorted into these two directories, and you can search for them much more efficiently and effectively.

2. Advanced Search Option for Attaching Files

Now you have more options when searching for an existing document to attach. This makes searching for the right document much easier.
Here are three steps to attach multiple documents to start the approval process.
1) Create a new document in Collavate and, to add another document, select “Existing Document” after clicking on the [+] button on the File List on the upper right corner. 2) Search for documents in your Collavate Drive by clicking on the [▼] button on the top to scroll through your existing documents in the pop-up window. 3) Then, you can search for …

Share Only the Files That Are Approved in Collavate with Outside Users

Previously, in order for the Google Apps Administrator to restrict file sharing outside the domain, the restriction applied across the domain.  Unfortunately, this also restricted collaboration with persons outside of the domain.  
This changed with the March release of Google’s new features for Google Drive for Work.One of those new features, “Sharing Setting by Department,” provides options for turning off file sharing outside the domain for specific organizational units while still allowing others to work and share files with anyone they need to.

[Google Drive option that prevents users from sharing files with outside users]

With this new feature, IT managers have another useful tool to manage file-sharing needs in the organization.  In the daily flow of work, however, users in a restricted department may need to share documents or files with an outside contributor.  If such need arises multiple times, it will become burdensome to have the administrator change the sharing setting eac…