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[Webinar Announcement] How to Streamline Your Workflow for Better Productivity on July 30

Hello Collavate Users,

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a live webinar "How to Streamline Your Workflow for Better Productivity"on Thursday, July 30, 2015.

When:July 30, 2015. at 10 am PST (1 pm EDT)Duration: 25 min (Approximately)Where: Online Meeting Room - Gotomeeting
Traditionally, complex document workflow has been costly and inefficient in most business environments. If this is happening in your workplace, now is the time to change and boost your productivity and streamline your processes.

See how Collavate can streamline your document workflow during this upcoming webinar:

1. Create & Upload Documents in a Single Place
Create documents through CollavateUpload documents using Collavate (Converting to Google Docs format)Create and use document templates
2. Don’t Miss Important Documents with Collavate’s Approval Process

Parallel and vertical approval processesVarious options in the approval process
3. Keep Everything Organized

Automatic centralization of d…

Creating Document Templates in the Cloud from MS Office Files

People who are currently using Microsoft Office may worry about making a transition to Google Docs for one important reason;  
“How will I use all my existing templates on Google Docs?”
With Collavate, this is no longer a problem!
Please follow the four steps below to convert a Microsoft Word File into a Document Template Saved in the Cloud.

Step 1. Change Upload Settings

[Automatic Conversion: MS Office to Google Docs Format]

In Collavate’s [Upload] menu on the left, open the side-bar and turn the [Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format] feature on.

Step 2. Upload and Convert MS Office File
Upload the Microsoft Word file from the desktop. The format of the document will  automatically be changed to the Google Docs Format.

Of course, you can also convert MS Office files to Google Docs format in Google Drive

[Update Notice] Agree/Disagree Confirmation, and Improved Training Resources

Hello Collavate Users,
Collavate Team is pleased to announce our updates for your better experience in Collavate. The two updates described below reflect our continuing efforts to listen to you and to provide you with the service you want and need.

1. Agree/Disagree Confirmation
Since now Gmail has an unsend function for your Emails, we have implemented a new prompt that confirms your decision of agreeing or disagreeing with a document! This new function will help to prevent you from making unwanted mistakes.

[Agree/Disagree Confimation]

2. Collavate Training Center Updates & Addition of FAQ’s
[Collavate FAQ Page]
We have updated our Collavate Training Center to enhance your user experience. For instance, we added a button that leads you to our Youtube Channel, and we categorized our tutorial videos to help you more easily find the right videos.
We have also added an FAQ section to provide quick answers to the questions you might have.
At Collavate, we constantly strive to provide you …