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Connect to Collavate directly from your Google Drive

Hello there, We are happy to announce that you can access Collavate directly from your Google Drive!

Last week, Google has face-lifted with new Google Apps Marketplace. This update includes UI upgrades with Material Design applied, and improved usability to the Administrators and Users.  

With the renewal of marketplace, there was an update in Collavate that improved the user experience too. This allows users to go to Collavate application directly from Google Drive UI.

[Install: Collavate in Google Apps Marketplace]

Here’s how to use the newly added feature of Collavate:
Connect to Collavate from Google Drive

Go to your Google Drive at Click a New button and go to More > Connect more apps to visit the Drive Store.
Enter ‘Collavate’ in search keyword. Click on a Connect button to add the app to your drive.

* Note:

Customer Case Study: ACS (Automotive Industry - Manufacturing)

At ACS Co., Ltd (, a Global Advanced Components Company, all the employees are using Collavate with Google Apps. Collavate Team has interviewed with an IT manager in ACS, and discovered how they are enjoying collaborative working with Collavate.

What made ACS consider bringing Collavate into the working process?
At first, our need for Google Docs based Collaboraive Work Platform led us to setup of Google Apps for Work. Then we found that we need an Approval Process module that goes with Google Apps for Work, which guided us to Collavate.

What is the reason to choose Collavate?
Collavate enables us to react flexibly to various situations with templates based on Google Docs.
Also, automatic notifications are sent to both the originators and reviewers, reducing the time it takes for the approval process to finish. These merits lead us to the implementation of Collavate.
How are you using Collavate in a daily flow of work?
First, Collavate’s notification system …