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Collavate REST API 2.0 Release

Hello this is Collavate Team. 
To enable more people to collaborate through Collavate, we have released Collavate REST API 2.0.
Embed a list of processed documents and their review status using Collavate REST API. Two way communication with various web applications such as ERP, SCM, CRM is also possible.

[Collavate API Explorer Screen]

If you use Collavate REST API, you can link Collavate’s Workflow function to company’s different internal systems including web, mobile, ERP, CRM, or SCM. Here are a few examples.
1. You can list processed documents in your company’s internal system and sort them by their review state.
2. If you select a document that is under “Review”, you can approve or reject the document without having to go to Collavate.
3. Since you can view the review documents in the system that you use everyday, your workflow process can be more efficient.
As mentioned above, you can load Collavate’s workflow templates (personal and shared) to start a review process. You can also che…

Launching a Tag Keyword Search Function

Since the Collavate 3.0 Version Update, with the help of our users we are currently doing our best to bring you improved features focused on convenience.  

We had a lot of feedbacks on improved loading speed, and more streamlined UI focused around document workflow. We cannot thank you enough!

Our latest addition to Collavate is the “Tag Search” function. If you have many tags in your tag library, you can simply search for specific tags in the search bar. Let’s find out how this works.

Collavate Tag Library Screen

1. Click [Tag] in the Main Screen's left side bar. Tag library is displayed.

2. In the search bar which says [New Tag or Search], type in the tag that you want to search for. If you just want to add a new tag, simply enter the name of the tag and press Enter.

 *  Previously only adding new tags was available.

Tag Input Example:  Finance .