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5 Must-Haves for Document Management in Google Drive

Many G Suite users find themselves needing a streamlined workflow for handling documents and features specifically for work collaboration. It is possible to fully operate with your Google Drive and veer away from Google’s Team Drive limitation to only users in your organization. This limits collaboration with clients, company partners, and contractors. Here are the 5 must-haves for Document Management to operate on top of your Google Drive-- all provided by Collavate.

1. Team Drives for everyone without limits
Google offers Team Drives for G Suite Business users and has limitations such as only allowing Team Drive for colleagues within the same domain. Collavate offers a Team Drives for everyone, including G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. A Collavate Workspace folder creates a Team Drive for whomever you’d like to invite with an email address-- not limiting you to only users in your domain or organization.
2. Social project management
Document sharing, collaboration for work, and effe…

Collavate Home Screen and Workflow Popup UI Enhancement

Collavate users can now search through workflow processes all from the Home screen! Quickly retrieve your Drafts, Docs that need to be reviewed, are in Progress, Approved docs, and more. Your processed documents, received and sent workflows, can now all be retrieved from your Home screen.

Workflow Popup Enhanced The new workflow popup now smoothly expands a file onto your screen. The usage of space and colors have been enhanced for a better viewing experience.

We thank our users for valuable feedback and are constantly striving to better our application for user experience and work productivity. We hope you enjoy these new enhancements!

- The Collavate Team

New Release of Collavate Group Posts for Teamwork

Collavate Groups

Collavate is proud to announce the release of Collavate Groups!

Creating a group is a great way to communicate with employees belonging to a department, coordinating with groups for work, or announcing information for an event. Both domain-public and private group pages can be created.

Domain Groups
A domain group allows everyone in the domain to view posts in the group. Group posts can be used to relay information about a company event and be used for any purpose it is needed for. Domain groups can organize groups to be relevant to a topic or event and anything that is posted on the group page will notify users of a post in the domain group. Members can easily click on a particular group to find the information they are looking for.

Private Groups
Private groups will only show posts to the members belonging to the private group. Private groups are ideal for teams and departments. Private groups allows the posts on the group page to only be seen by those in the group, enabl…

New Features: Workflow Deadlines and Post Search

Workflow Deadlines:
Staying on schedule is important for meeting productivity goals. Now when a user submits a workflow to reviewers, a workflow deadline can be set to gauge when the document will be finalized and ready. Assign a global deadline for your workflow or even assign individual deadlines for each workflow reviewer. Automatic reminders can also be set to notify reviewers when their deadline is approaching. This new feature helps to better manage workflow productivity in a timely manner.
With our new deadline feature you can: Set workflow deadlines for all reviewers; Or set individual deadlines for each reviewer; Set reminders hours and/or days prior to the deadline; Skip a reviewer if a deadline is met with no action; or Cancel a workflow process if a deadline is met with no action.
How to Set Deadlines:
Global Deadlines
A global deadline sets the same deadline for all reviewers in the workflow. To set a global workflow deadline, locate where it says “No Deadline Set for this process.…

Switch to our current User Interface

Collavate will be retiring the old User Interface as of December 31, 2016. We would like to move forward with our current default User Interface for all Collavate users to enjoy!
Our current, and now default,User Interface offers much easier navigation, functions, and overall improvements to the entire application. In the last few years we have added major features such an Enterprise Social Networking platform (“Post”), workspace folder, tagging, templates, and more. These key features are only available on our current User Interface. 97% of Collavate users have migrated to the current default User Interface and are enjoying the newer features that we have implemented to our greatly-improved application.
Users will still be able to utilize all functions and features offered in the previous User Interface version of Collavate with the current default UI. All user files will still be accessible and unaffected by the change. This is a cost-free migration we will be automatically implementi…

Collavate Update: Mobile Version updates for Social Posting and easy external Remote- Drive user Invitation

Mobile devices are vital to staying connected when out of the office. To ensure users are kept up-to-date with business operations, and can conveniently collaborate from their mobile device, it has been our mission to better our mobile web version.
Collavate is proud to announce we have made the application more mobile friendly and enhanced by implementing 2 major updates to the mobile version: Social Posting, Upgrades for Remote-Drive users, and other minor fixes.

Collavate Mobile edition upgrade with Social Posting

To correspond with our web application updates, the mobile version Collavate “Home” platform contains Social Networking features for team communication. This platform is now accessible from the mobile web browser.
To see Collavate mobile upgrades: In your mobile browser, go to and click login, or enter the collavate app webaddress link: and login to your google account.
Similar to the desktop version, Collavate mobile us…

Five best practices of Enterprise Social Networking app for Google Drive

- 5 Collavate Use Cases for Enterprise Social Networking -
Enterprise Social Networking apps derive from business needs for a social platform to access resources, collaboration to solve business problems, and project management. An Enterprise Social Networking application is essential for businesses and organizations to have effective team communication and promote the sharing of innovative ideas. Over 5 millions businesses have adapted to Google Apps for work to enable employees to work together and strengthen their companies with the provided tools to increase work productivity. With Google Apps going worldspread for business, Collavate responds by providing an Enterprise Social Networking app for Google Drive users. Team communication features combined with an approval workflow system boost file sharing, workflow activity, and team discussions. All user files remain in the user’s Google Drive Cloud to ensure personal and data security.
Company Announcement Use Case
Collavate is an Ent…