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New Features Release: Add reviewers and files during workflow, and share approval histories

We know how important it is to have the ability to modify documents and workflows while a document is undergoing the approval process. For instance, your current approval reviewers may require additional teammates to review the files or even require additional attachment files. Another vital feature is presenting workflow histories and having track records of how documents went through the approval process for auditing purposes. We are now announcing that we have released these features and they are available for use!

[New] Reviewers can add additional reviewers and files

Now, both an originator (submitter) and reviewers of a document can add more attachments or modify workflows while they are undergoing the process approval. Reviewers now have the option to add more reviewers to the document and add more attachment files to the document. Please note that modifying the workflow process will only be available for users within the same domain. For example and user@coll…

Youth Unlimited Case Study

Youth Unlimited is a highly decentralized and entrepreneurial organization with programs working out of community-based locations in churches, community centres and etc. Youth Unlimited (Toronto Youth for Christ) is a registered charity in the Greater Toronto area.

This organization has over 60 passionate staff members and 750 committed volunteers. They serve approximately 3,000 young individuals that are involved in their 35 available programs. Their work is focused on community youth across the Greater Toronto area catering to ages ranging from 10 to 25. Programs include after-school and evening sports, arts, and academics. They also provide specialty programs for youth linked to the following problem categories: homeless, crime-involved, sex trade, and other at-risk settings.

Collavate solves challenging workflow problems

Annual planning has always been a challenge, and Youth Unlimited implemented a new planning process to build greater synergy between their teams and to drive towar…

Reinvented User Guide makes Collavate easier to learn for New Users!

Collavate cares about our users, and prioritizes making our users feel comfortable, and at ease with using our management application. We prevail the new and reinvented User Guide in great efforts to facilitate the navigation of Collavate, and the learning process that may go into our application when first operating our system.

We are confident that our application is user-friendly and with this new guide, new Collavate users will be guided on how to operate Collavate for business and personal advantages. Our goal is to allow consumers to use our product in benefits to managing documents and files as well as making the workflow of conducting business easy. With the new user guide, organizations and individuals will be able to navigate through Collavate with complete confidence in no time.

We cater to all of our Users and would like both new and current users to take a look at the guide to clear up any questions. The guide clarifies from start to end. Any questions that consumers may h…

Collavate Celebrates 99.9778% Uptime

Cultivate provides cloud based real-time document collaborations and workflow for organizations. Therefore, dependable uptime and excellent application service are crucial. Collavate proudly has phenomenal uptime for uninterrupted usage for our users.
Collavate is based on the Google Cloud platform, and allows google documents to be set and used as templates for review and approval. This management application enhances performance and provides various useful tools integrated into a user’s own Google Drive. The product application allows efficient workflow amongst businesses and collaborative group work. All users’ data and files are completely stored in the Google Cloud and therefore allow consumers to be at ease with security. 

Status Dashboard shows current status of service and service uptime. In the last 12 months, the status dashboard has demonstrated 99.9778% uptime. This infers as little as 20 hours of outages of 365 days and only 1.4 hours per month. Collavate has no planned …

New 2016 Release: Reprocess and Deletion Feature

Hello everyone!

The Collavate team would like to wish you a very happy new year and we are excited to announce the new features entering into 2016!

1. Simplified Re-Process of denied docs

To improve the workflow of submitting a previously rejected document, a new feature to facilitate re-processing is now available.

At the convenience of a simple click of a button, you can now resubmit any prior denied documents up for the processing again with the added ‘Reprocess’ button.

Before this feature, it was required to make a copy of the rejected document for a resubmission to process. To avoid redundancy, this feature promotes efficiency as it is no longer necessary of users to make copies of the rejected document files for a reprocess submission.

Previous rejected/denied documents are now automatically saved and allows you the option to resubmit the files to be up for approval again with the “Reprocess” button.

No need to create a copy of the files as this new feature will conveniently take ca…