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Templates: The way to work faster

Your time is valuable. We want you to be able to delegate your time towards  important matters rather than spending more-than-needed time on documents and paperwork.
We want to save you as much time as we can from beginning to end of a process workflow. From creation to publication, we want to show you all the shortcuts that can help our users save time.
Templates will save you time with documents you often draft. Templates allow users to focus on the necessary information needed for input rather than spending time redrafting the skeleton outline each time.

Save a format of the outline format once and reuse it as many times as needed. Best part-- It’ll be accessible within a click! You can create your own desired templates to personally use or use shared templates that your Collavate Administrator sets for your domain.
That’s not all! Collavate understands that users often find yourself working with the same team or line of reviewers. Our templates saves more than just your template fil…

Access Process Approval directly from Google Docs

Documents can easily be submitted for review directly from your Google Docs or Google Sheets Add-Ons tab when you download the Collavate add-on. Though the approval process is not Collavate’s only great feature, it is a commonly used feature that can be accessed from your Google Document at your convenience. A Collavate sidebar menu will appear to the right of your document when you access the Add-on.
Quick Access Collavate Sidebar Menu
Above your document, find the [Add-ons] tab > Select [Start] and the Collavate workflow process sidebar menu will appear to the right of your document. This sidebar can be utilized to tag your documents, add reviewers, and leave a comment for your reviewers when you submit the document for approval.

Create and add tags to your document with the sidebar!

Process Approval

Add reviewers Select access privileges of reviewers Leave a message for your approvers Option to maintain initial access privileges to document for reviewers and yourself Submit for Approval