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Approve a Doc for all Reviewers to cut down In-Process Time of Files

One of the goals of many documents in-processing for approval is to get it approved and finalized in a timely manner. This cannot always be achieved when there are multiple reviewers as some reviewers will require more time to look over the draft, or cannot get to the file as quickly due to heavier workloads. Other times, drafts are rushed and do not have a lot of time to be reviewed and in-process before meeting deadlines.

To solve this issue, a colleague or team reviewer can approve a file for everyone if the reviewer has the authority to do so. With the “Approve for Everyone” feature, available if enabled within workflow settings by the admin, this convenient feature can send a file quickly to finalization without having to wait for approval from every reviewer.

An efficient way to use this feature is if a submitter of a Draft or File specifies within the instructions when processed: i.e.) This document urgently needs to be approved by tomorrow. Please approve for everyone after ed…

Rename Command Buttons for Desired Workflow Interface

We have taken into consideration that not all users use Collavate the same way. Collavate is a versatile application that users and companies utilize accordingly to their particular needs and various tasks. Beyond that, we all have different perspectives and may prefer different terms and wording for certain functions.

Renaming labels and buttons for your company may make Collavate’s interface more user-friendly for your Company’s use. Your domain administrator can click on the [Admin] tab and select [Custom View]. Here within custom settings, the admin can find the [Label Management] tab and find that here the default labels and buttons can be renamed.

Labels and button functions on the Home Page can be edited and so can the buttons that appear for the Process Feature. Adjust the names of labels and button functions to how you see fit.

It’s simple and can clarify functions accordingly to your perspective.
Hit save to make any changes and you can change these label names as many times a…

Add to Favorities for your Google Docs Workflow

Frequently Collaborating with your Team? Add them as a Favorite Group for quick Processing!

Collavate is great for Collaboration. The application has many specialized features great for drafting, team reviewing, editing, and approval of documents. For users that often collaborate with the same line of people, it is convenient to add them as a group of “favorites” so that you can quick select the stream of reviewers within one click for future processing of files. After you have selected your desired reviewers and have given them the appropriate editing accessing permission, you can then select “Add to Favorites” and enter in a name for your team. When you [Save as Draft] or [Start Process], your team of reviewers will be grouped as a favorite for quick access from then on. Please refer to the example below:

After saving my line of reviewers as “Collavate Team”, I can now find my saved line of reviewers within the drop down menu when Selecting Reviewers.

My grouped “Favorites” will…

Reset and Edit Submitted Google Workflow Documents

When a Draft is processed for reviewal but it was submitted to the wrong reviewer(s), or you need to add additional reviewer(s), you simply can do so with the Reset and Edit features. This allows flexibility of documents that are in-process. You can find these features by going to the [Process] tab located on the left sidebar menu within Collavate, scroll down to Send Docs and select [Submitted]. Here you will find the documents that you have submitted for reviewal that are awaiting approvals. If you need to add or remove reviewers, you can do so by utilizing the button.
To cancel the approval process of a document, you can select the button. Example:
I have a document of Meeting Notes that I have already submitted for Processing but there is another user I wish to add to be able to be in my line of reviewers.

Select the [Process] tab located on the left sidebar menu within Collavate Under Sent Docs, Select Submitted Within your Submitted docs list, Select the document you wish you Re…

Why Automating your Google Drive Workflow is Benefinicial for Publishing

Automating your workflow has many benefits and in many cases, is profitable.

Here are the several benefits of automating your workflow process:
Consistency Organization Delegation of tasks Effective communication Easy collaboration Accountability Increased productivity Emplaced schedule Satisfaction of finalized publishings With all that is mentioned above, Collavate greatly reduces the time you spend on redundant steps. With templates, tags, and delegation of tasks, users can quickly skip ahead and focus on producing necessary information and content.

We know not all drafts are perfect the first time. Excellent publications typically goes through the flow of:
Drafting Peer reviews