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Workspace folder for better collaboration for workflow files in Google Drive

New Collavate Release: “Home Folder” feature for workspace folder

Collavate has launched the “Home Folder” feature for all Business Edition users. The Home folder allows a centralized folder created or selected by a Collavate administrator. When a home folder is set, the folder is viewable to all domain users within the Home menu.

A Collavate administrator can create or select an existing a folder within Google Drive containing necessary documents and files to set as the Home Folder for users. The Home Folder can be set by copying and pasting the Google Drive Folder link onto the “Home Folder” field located within the admin menu settings. Any files created or added to the Home Folder by the Collavate administrator, that is the original owner of the Home Folder, will update accordingly to the changes made for all users to see. Domain users can upload or create new files to the Home Folder, but the ownership will automatically be transferred to the Collavate administrator, the original…

Centralized Organization of Process-Approval Workflow Files for Google Drive

Companies and organizations often process many files across their domain. Many users and employees process drafts for review and approval to different individuals and teams. Multiple files are sent and distributed in different directions, and to centralize all documents that are processed through the approval workflow, Collavate has a Document Manager position feature available for the Business Edition.

Document Manager position

The Document Manager master account is automatically given ownership of processed documents when any user within the organization submits a document for the process approval workflow. This enables the Document Manager to have a safe and centralized safekeeping of documents across the organization. All in-process and approved files can be found within the Document Manager’s Google Drive “Collavate” folder.

Users that submit their documents and files through the approval process will still have access to the files if they check the box “Maintain initial access pri…

Tagging within Google Docs

The Collavate add-on for Google Docs and Google Sheets enables launching of Collavate’s tags and submission for workflow process directly within the menu of your Google Docs and Sheets.

Add-ons for Google Docs and Google sheets available in the Collavate Installation Center: Click Here

Once you have the Google Docs add-on installed, you will be able to utilize Collavate’s shortcut found withing the Add-ons menu tab above the documents you work on. Click [Add-ons] located between the “Table” and “Help” Hover over [Collavate - Workflow & Tags for Google Drive] Select [Start] to directly launch Collavate’s shortcut sidebar

Selecting Start will launch Collavate’s Tags and Workflow Process features within the sidebar to the right of your document.

Add tag labels to your document to categorize it for easy-finding later on.

The Document demonstrative document is tagged with filter labels, “April” and “Software Updates”

The tags will automatically be attached to the document. Users do not have t…