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Collavate enhances Team Communication for Advanced Collaborative Workflow for Google Drive

Collavate is transitioning its Home screen to our new integrated Post Dashboard.  Home posts provide companies and organizations a true collaborative experience and opportunity to utilize for team and project discussions. Now, when you launch Collavate, you will be able to instantly collaborate with colleagues and have an overview of all activities that has taken place on a project while you were away.

Collavate’s new menu interface

The new Home screen brings everyone together! Effective communication and collaboration is vital for carrying out successful projects and meeting end goals.  The new Home screen will take teamwork and collaboration to another level.  Now with this update, users can have active discussions, share ideas, and work together right from the Collavate Home screen. Your project workflow will now appear on the Home screen so you can take action directly from the Home screen, and you can easily broadcast and share ideas across the domain. With all the features it pr…

Group Messaging with Workflow for Google Drive/Docs for Gmail users

Post feature is now available to all editions including Single and Team

Collavate’s Post feature is now officially released, and is finally available to Single and Team editions as well! In other words, you can use with your google account such as personal gmail as well.

To use Post feature, open your Collavate and click [Post] from the leftmost side-menu. From there, you can use the feature to communicate with your team members effectively.

There are two ways of using this feature. “Write a Post” is like posting on a private Facebook which you can use to share simple ideas and receive feedbacks. “Process” is a Collavate-powered workflow that allows you to draft, share, and review professional documents. If you process other documents (or receive one for your reviewal) from different menus such as Home or Process, they will automatically appear on the Post as “Process” too. Write a PostTo “Write a Post”, click [Write a Post] tab, and start typing whatever you want to. Then, type “@name…

Delegating Admin Privileges to Multiple Users

One person can’t do it all.  At Collavate Inc., we are huge advocators of Teamwork and Collaboration.  We considered the fact that many companies have multiple managers, different departments, and more than just one individual overseeing employees. Companies need more than just one Administrative account.

This is why with the Collavate Business or Enterprise Edition, we enable the ability of domains to delegate Administrative Account Privileges to multiple accounts and users.  It is easy to designate a user account as either“Administrative” or “Normal” in the Admin menu of the User Management settings.

Locate the Admin Menu on the left sidebar Select User Management Select a user Click Change Privilege for drop down menu Select Admin or Normal

In this demonstration, David Smith’s user account was selected and his privilege was changed to Admin.  A green checkmark will instantly appear under the “ADMIN” category to show that his admin status has been activated.

Admin status can be delegated to…

Boost communication in Google Drive Workflow with Collavate "Post" features

Boost communication in Google Drive Workflow with Collavate Post features

Introducing Collavate Post

Collavate is proud to announce the release of our integrated Post feature that companies and organizations can utilize for team and project discussion purposes.

Collavate is an approval workflow application for Google Drive. You can initiate workflows from your Google Docs or Drive’s user interface.  Collavate facilitates teamwork and, now, with our Post feature we take teamwork and collaboration to another level!

Effective communication is vital to carrying out successful projects, publishing, and meeting end goals.  With Collavate Post, users can have active discussions, share ideas, and further collaborate as never before.

Post allows users to instantly log on and catch up with his/her team and colleagues by checking the activity that has taken place on the post page while they were away. Collavate Post keeps all users in the loop while allowing room for brainstorming and reaching cons…