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Introducing Collavate’s New Reports Data-Loss Prevention Service

Collavate DLP function preview
Top Security for your Google Drive

Collavate was designed and created to meet demanding security regulations for the usage of Google Drive for confidentiality and business operations. The security measure requirements include having all activities detected in real-time. Activities including: creating, viewing, editing, changing, and transferring the ownership of files, to specifically meet the needs of operations for our vast clientele, even meeting demands for those that were in charge of prestigious financial companies.

The urgent need for top security of Google Drive activities led to work collaboration between the Collavate development team and the Google Drive team. Last year, Google released a portion of the real-time activities notification and Collavate provided a portion of the real-time detection feature for large company clients that were Google apps domain users on a project basis. Collavate’s real-time activities report was used to work in isol…

Collavate is proudly listed in Google Apps Marketplace “New & Notable” App

The Collavate team is excited to announce that Collavate has been chosen by Google to be featured as a “Notable App” partner in the Google Apps Marketplace! Currently there are only 13 apps that have been picked by Google to be listed in the New & Notable section among 750 apps.
The New & Notable apps section of the Google Marketplace launched in June 2016 to help businesses find third-party applications, integrations, and extensions to further extend the possibilities and functionality of Google apps. The Google Apps Marketplace has been the number one leading source for businesses to search for third-party applications.
The Google for Work official blog states, “with hundreds of popular apps to choose from, it’s sometimes hard for customers to discover the newest and most innovative ones.” -Rahul Sood, Managing Director, Apps and Search for Work
With the New & Notable section in the Google Apps Marketplace, it now makes searching for the latest and greatest third-party app…

Share Template Links with others!

Ever need to share a Template form or document on Collavate? Whether you want to share a link to a personal or an already shared domain template internally to a colleague or externally to a client, you can easily do so by copying your template link provided and sending it to others.

Here’s how to share Template links!

① Click the [Template] menu tab located on the left side ②Here in the template menu, you can choose a template from either your personal [My templates]or [Shared Templates] category to select an existing template to share via link. ③ Select a Template file to open.

④ In the popup window, copy the Template link to send to others

Note: To share the link of any personal template, you will need to enable share settings of your private file. Sending any template including domain shared templates to outside users will require changing of the link sharing setting of the file to enable the accessibility to outside recipients. Shared templates do not require change of share settings i…

Privately Post to Directly Message other Users

In the Collavate application, the Home is a social networking platform for users to communicate, share ideas, and collaborate with team members in an organization. The default setting of a post is to share the post with the Domain. When sharing a post with the Domain, the post is broadcasted to all users in the organization on their Home activity feed. Sharing posts with the Domain is great for, but not limited to: announcements, sharing ideas, and reaching out for input. However, sharing a post to the entire domain is not always preferred. Often times, collaboration on a project or document may only involve certain team members. Post only to tagged users To share a post privately to directly message other user(s) without broadcasting the post to the entire domain, change your share setting of the post to “Only Me”.

Tag team members with the “@” symbol followed by their name or email address to enable viewing of your private post. Tagged users will be notified that they were tagged in…