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Five best practices of Enterprise Social Networking app for Google Drive

- 5 Collavate Use Cases for Enterprise Social Networking -
Enterprise Social Networking apps derive from business needs for a social platform to access resources, collaboration to solve business problems, and project management. An Enterprise Social Networking application is essential for businesses and organizations to have effective team communication and promote the sharing of innovative ideas. Over 5 millions businesses have adapted to Google Apps for work to enable employees to work together and strengthen their companies with the provided tools to increase work productivity. With Google Apps going worldspread for business, Collavate responds by providing an Enterprise Social Networking app for Google Drive users. Team communication features combined with an approval workflow system boost file sharing, workflow activity, and team discussions. All user files remain in the user’s Google Drive Cloud to ensure personal and data security.
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Collavate Update - Limited ‘Scope’ to address security concern and improved Post feature

When initially launching Collavate, permission is requested to access the user’s Google Drive to permit file submissions and approval process workflows.  Before this update, Collavate users were concerned that the application required too much access permission and that their personal information may be at stake.
When users grant access to Collavate, it allows Collavate to have API access to specific data such as a user’s calendar and contacts, but such access never allowed Collavate to store any of data outside of the user’s Google Drive. Collavate leverages a user’s Google Drive and Google Docs for application functionality purposes only, but all user data and account files remain safely stored in the Google Cloud Platform.
This update also extends the functionality of the Tagging feature by allowing Tagging whenever a user is mentioned in a post. Collavate users can now freely mention/tag users outside of their Google contacts and users from other domains.

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Collavate Chosen by Google as a Notable App; Announces Discounted Annual Plan

As we enter into the month of August, Collavate announces its recognition in the Google Apps store and an annual discount package.

Collavate has been selected as ‘Notable’ app by Google.

Google selected Collavate as a ‘Notable App’. The “New & Notable” partner program in the Google Apps Marketplace selects only the best apps per quarter from all registered apps as partners. This partner program was first introduced in June and currently comprises of only 13 companies including Collovate. Collavate was released in 2014, and is currently used by Google, Samsung, Salesforce, Virgin, Motorolla, SK Group, and more. It is a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) product used in over 101 countries with 1 million users. Collavate operates in 100% of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which now provides Google App and Google Drive users an enterprise content management (ECM) system for their company’s internal cloud documents.In addition, we have linked the Enterprise social features with publish…