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Switch to our current User Interface

Collavate will be retiring the old User Interface as of December 31, 2016. We would like to move forward with our current default User Interface for all Collavate users to enjoy!
Our current, and now default,User Interface offers much easier navigation, functions, and overall improvements to the entire application. In the last few years we have added major features such an Enterprise Social Networking platform (“Post”), workspace folder, tagging, templates, and more. These key features are only available on our current User Interface. 97% of Collavate users have migrated to the current default User Interface and are enjoying the newer features that we have implemented to our greatly-improved application.
Users will still be able to utilize all functions and features offered in the previous User Interface version of Collavate with the current default UI. All user files will still be accessible and unaffected by the change. This is a cost-free migration we will be automatically implementi…

Collavate Update: Mobile Version updates for Social Posting and easy external Remote- Drive user Invitation

Mobile devices are vital to staying connected when out of the office. To ensure users are kept up-to-date with business operations, and can conveniently collaborate from their mobile device, it has been our mission to better our mobile web version.
Collavate is proud to announce we have made the application more mobile friendly and enhanced by implementing 2 major updates to the mobile version: Social Posting, Upgrades for Remote-Drive users, and other minor fixes.

Collavate Mobile edition upgrade with Social Posting

To correspond with our web application updates, the mobile version Collavate “Home” platform contains Social Networking features for team communication. This platform is now accessible from the mobile web browser.
To see Collavate mobile upgrades: In your mobile browser, go to and click login, or enter the collavate app webaddress link: and login to your google account.
Similar to the desktop version, Collavate mobile us…