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New Features: Workflow Deadlines and Post Search

Workflow Deadlines:
Staying on schedule is important for meeting productivity goals. Now when a user submits a workflow to reviewers, a workflow deadline can be set to gauge when the document will be finalized and ready. Assign a global deadline for your workflow or even assign individual deadlines for each workflow reviewer. Automatic reminders can also be set to notify reviewers when their deadline is approaching. This new feature helps to better manage workflow productivity in a timely manner.
With our new deadline feature you can: Set workflow deadlines for all reviewers; Or set individual deadlines for each reviewer; Set reminders hours and/or days prior to the deadline; Skip a reviewer if a deadline is met with no action; or Cancel a workflow process if a deadline is met with no action.
How to Set Deadlines:
Global Deadlines
A global deadline sets the same deadline for all reviewers in the workflow. To set a global workflow deadline, locate where it says “No Deadline Set for this process.…