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Collavate Home Screen and Workflow Popup UI Enhancement

Collavate users can now search through workflow processes all from the Home screen! Quickly retrieve your Drafts, Docs that need to be reviewed, are in Progress, Approved docs, and more. Your processed documents, received and sent workflows, can now all be retrieved from your Home screen.

Workflow Popup Enhanced The new workflow popup now smoothly expands a file onto your screen. The usage of space and colors have been enhanced for a better viewing experience.

We thank our users for valuable feedback and are constantly striving to better our application for user experience and work productivity. We hope you enjoy these new enhancements!

- The Collavate Team

New Release of Collavate Group Posts for Teamwork

Collavate Groups

Collavate is proud to announce the release of Collavate Groups!

Creating a group is a great way to communicate with employees belonging to a department, coordinating with groups for work, or announcing information for an event. Both domain-public and private group pages can be created.

Domain Groups
A domain group allows everyone in the domain to view posts in the group. Group posts can be used to relay information about a company event and be used for any purpose it is needed for. Domain groups can organize groups to be relevant to a topic or event and anything that is posted on the group page will notify users of a post in the domain group. Members can easily click on a particular group to find the information they are looking for.

Private Groups
Private groups will only show posts to the members belonging to the private group. Private groups are ideal for teams and departments. Private groups allows the posts on the group page to only be seen by those in the group, enabl…