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30 Must-Have Features for Google Docs Workflow Application

30 Must-Have Features for Google Docs Workflow Application Workloads can be complicated and overwhelming. In order to make collaborating easier, Google has introduced the Google Docs Workflow Application.  While many businesses are turning to the time-saving, convenient application, a good number of features do not take full advantage of all that the application has to offer.  Collavate has solved that problem by designing constructive workflow in Google Docs and Google Drive. Collavate makes everyday time-consuming tasks a breeze.  You can send automatically send out reminders, submit forms and much more.  Say “Goodbye” to wasting time downloading and uploading files too—with Collavate, you can access files and add comments on files without having to do all that.  And those are just a few of the benefits Collavate offers for seamless collaboration. There are so many convenient, time-saving features on the Google Docs Workflow Application because Google has been doing their homework.  Th…

Collavate 4.0 Release: Approval Workflow Management with Sync Capabilities and 2 million+ users!

Collavate’s approval workflow service now has reached over two million users. Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, we are excited to announce an upgrade to Collavate version 4.0.

Release of 'Sync' function to connect workflow document with report sheet as database

You can now automatically record the value of the workflow document content in the specified spreadsheet cell, as well as the result of any changes (approval, rejection, cancellation) of the document. This allows users to generate a report of results and trends at a glance.

Use cases: Connecting Expense Report Template to Report Database Sheet Multiple reporting databases are implemented while approving processes such as expense reports and employee vacation requests. For example, when generating expense reports, administrators must analyze expenses charged and purchase receipts. While approving employee requests for leave, administrators must organize remaining leave days according to the annual allowance assigned to…

Texo Case Study

Texo, Inc. is the leading marketing service provider of Paraguay. Founded in 2006, it has fourteen subsidiary companies based around digital marketing, social media, and strategic consulting.

Many managers of Texo work remotely, making submitting paper documents an arduous and inefficient task, complicating the approval flow of business processes.
The Human Resources department of Texo aimed to reduce time and operations spent on gathering information and submitting to superiors for management requests and workflow approvals. With Collavate, employees easily attached Google documents or files such as Microsoft Office documents, and submitted for review.
Texo representative Sandra Petersen remarked that “After implementing Collavate in the Human Resources department, approval times were reduced from two months to just one week.” Many of Collavate’s features, such as the accessibility of the mobile application and deadline reminders proved to be extremely useful within the business.
Now, …

How to gain full Collavate account capabilities without a Gmail

Now, it is possible to access Collavate with a non-Gmail email account. With this capability, you can implement Collavate’s workflow automation and enterprise social platform tools for any team. In order to access Collavate’s platform, all new users must sign up for an account. Users without a Gmail register using their email on the left-hand side of the page.

Upon registering, non-Gmail users may implement Collavate’s post capabilities. Users may upload files to share with teams, add other users, and set deadlines for events. With these capabilities, both non-Gmail and Gmail users may effectively collaborate together through comments, posts, and file uploads.

In order to create workflows, non-Gmail users must sign up for a Google Drive account linked to their non-Gmail email. Non-Gmail users may then have access to Google Drive and other Google Apps such as Photos and Maps. This allows these users to further extend their account capabilities to gain full Collavate user tools.

Once no…

Ivy Foundation Case Study

The Ivy Foundation of St. Louis functions as a philanthropic arm for the Omicron Eta Omega chapter, offering financial assistance to the community.

The Ivy Foundation found Collavate to provide the optimal solution to generating financial voucher request approvals. With committees of up to fifty members, the Ivy Foundation required a complex sign-off system in which each voucher required a timestamp and a physical signature. Collavate provided an intricate system that fit that need—the workflow automation software created an efficient, streamlined approval process that allowed members to receive notifications and submit entries in sequential order.
Angela Rankin-Jones, a representative of the technology committee of the Ivy Foundation expressed that “Collavate’s approval history summary, downloadable in excel format, provided a detailed compilation of date/time and information parameters necessary for financial tax audits”. This was a key feature for the Ivy Foundation, as it provided …

How to Keep Track of Google Docs Version History and Archive with Team Communication

Collavate’s fall 2017 update includes many key updates, including a revision history feature that recognizes changes to Google Drive files. This feature also has multiple capabilities such as displaying activity history, reverting to previous versions, and saving copies for up to thirty days.
Google Docs Version History In the Google Docs Version History panel, the name of the editor, timestamp of edit, and changes made are displayed. It is also possible to revert back to previous versions of the document by selecting a revision.

Collavate’s Activity History hosts these same functions, however, it is possible to collaborate and communicate on the revision history. This allows users to toggle between different revisions on the same page, and then discuss with other users using different revisions as references.

Collavate’s Activity History Under the revisions panel, users may see summaries for each revision, including the name of the editor, the date and time of the edit, and and the versi…

Collavate 2017 Fall Update Release: Revision History, Team Drives and Non-Gmail Login

Version 3.12 of Collavate has many improvements and new features, such as a revision history archive and support for team drives. Another new update is that you can sign up Collavate with any email address. Yes, you don’t need a Google account to login to the Collavate application! You may also connect your personal Gmail to your Collavate account to manage your Google Drive to join Collavate's powerful collaboration process features.

What’s New?1. Change history of document fileNow you can view, comment or share your changes on all documents and files stored on Google Drive using the revision history feature.

In particular, you can set up archiving so that the version remains on for 30 days after clicking the lock icon in the upper right corner of each version number box. You can save the version to my computer by clicking the download icon. For Google documents, you can also download change history by version. Collavate documents and file tracking keep track of all changes made …