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Establish Team working place for outside contractors and shift workers in Google Drive

The percentage of employees to working from home has grown over the past decade. Telecommunication enables growth in company partnerships, instant global communication, flexible work hours for workers, and the ability to work mobily.

Collavate’s Remote Drive feature allows remote access to your company’s collavate platform to external company users such as freelancers, contractors, and clients. Remote user access is vastly used across a variety of industries such as information technology, legal services, journalism, human relations, and more. Granting access to remote users is highly convenient for effective communication and collaboration.

In addition to convenience, Remote Drive access also provides cost-effective and security benefits. This feature avoids the need to purchase additional G Suite user licences to collaborate internally within a company’s domain. Remote Drive users can join your Google Drive centralized company platform for file sharing and project collaboration. The e…

The Latest Collavate Updates: Public Group and Pin Posts

Updates to kickstart the 2017 New Year! Our Collavate team is determined to move forward and further with our software enhancements this year, just as we have in the previous years. Our advantage is that Collavate is better than it has ever been before, and we only plan to grow from here!

Here are a few updates to start off this year-- with many more to come throughout 2017:

① Public Group We want our users to be informed about our updates and announcements. In the Public Group tab located on the Collavate home screen, we have created a Collavate Public Group. All Collavate users across all company domains are invited and encouraged to join to always be in the loop with our latest releases and announcements. This is our direct way of informing our users regarding our releases and updates. Joining our Public Group will highly be beneficial for staying informed on our latest features and more!

For more details on how to find our Public Group and how to join, visit our Public Group article

② …