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Collavate Spring Update - Widgets for Website, Task Manager, Auto-translate and Improved User Interface Design

As of spring 2017, Collavate version 3.9.1 was released today. This version includes widgets for websites, a task manager, auto-translation feature and user interface improvements.

Widgets for Website
Want to build an intranet or enterprise portal for your company? Now, it’s possible with Collavate widgets for the website. You can use Collavate’s group and post widget codes to paste onto your Website or Google Sites to use. You can also add Collavate’s workflow widgets and Google widgets, such as Gmail gadgets and Google Calendar gadgets.

The Collavate Post widget web address appear as seen below:
Group post widget:

For example, Collavate’s public group unique number is: 6560596137082880, making the shortcut web address of the gadget:
The above web address can be added as a site widget or google sites iframe gadgets.

To-do list task manager with due date
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