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Collavate Update - Email to Group Post feature release

Now you can send an email to your Group’s unique email address to relay your email as a post to your group. The group post will include the email’s subject, message, and file attachments.
The Email to Group Post feature has been added to Collavate’s version 3.10.2. There are various ways send emails to your unique group email address: Forward Emails to Group Compose New Emails to Group Set up your FAX machine to automatically upload e-mail contents and file attachments to Group
This allows certain types of emails to be automatically posted to your group, promoting project management and collaboration. In addition, you can collaborate around corporate Social Networking Site (SNS) without using e-mail by forwarding content directly to your Collavate group.
Use case: auto-post eFAX file on Group
For example, if you are receiving faxes from a company's email, you can automatically post the incoming fax attachment to a Group and notify the relevant personnel.
To set it up, create a group and i…

How to Speed up Google Docs Approval Process in Enterprise

In any enterprise today, document approval can be a long, convoluted process. While one may question if there is any solution at all, document approval can be made surprisingly simple and quick with the proper content approval workflow solution. Effective workflow solutions can greatly enhance the productivity of a business by providing an infrastructure that designates the right work to the right individuals.

Step 1: Simplify the Approval Chain
Speeding up the approval process begins firstly with simplifying the approval chain by removing redundant individuals from the approval process. To do so, understand the objectives of the document and the responsibilities and knowledge of employees; only individuals with the responsibilities and knowledge relevant to the document objectives should be involved in the approval process.

Step 2: Define Responsibilities
To ensure that everyone involved in the approval process understands what his or her purpose is, it is necessary to carefully define t…