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Collavate 4.0 Release: Approval Workflow Management with Sync Capabilities and 2 million+ users!

Collavate’s approval workflow service now has reached over two million users. Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, we are excited to announce an upgrade to Collavate version 4.0.

Release of 'Sync' function to connect workflow document with report sheet as database

You can now automatically record the value of the workflow document content in the specified spreadsheet cell, as well as the result of any changes (approval, rejection, cancellation) of the document. This allows users to generate a report of results and trends at a glance.

Use cases: Connecting Expense Report Template to Report Database Sheet Multiple reporting databases are implemented while approving processes such as expense reports and employee vacation requests. For example, when generating expense reports, administrators must analyze expenses charged and purchase receipts. While approving employee requests for leave, administrators must organize remaining leave days according to the annual allowance assigned to…