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30 Must-Have Features for Google Docs Workflow Application

30 Must-Have Features for Google Docs Workflow Application Workloads can be complicated and overwhelming. In order to make collaborating easier, Google has introduced the Google Docs Workflow Application.  While many businesses are turning to the time-saving, convenient application, a good number of features do not take full advantage of all that the application has to offer.  Collavate has solved that problem by designing constructive workflow in Google Docs and Google Drive. Collavate makes everyday time-consuming tasks a breeze.  You can send automatically send out reminders, submit forms and much more.  Say “Goodbye” to wasting time downloading and uploading files too—with Collavate, you can access files and add comments on files without having to do all that.  And those are just a few of the benefits Collavate offers for seamless collaboration. There are so many convenient, time-saving features on the Google Docs Workflow Application because Google has been doing their homework.  Th…