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Workflow Use Case for Accounting

The average person spends three hours a day on email. As an accountant, however, this amount skyrockets due to the heavy communication between accountant and client. Collavate provides cutting-edge tools that streamline these interactions and ultimately improve scalability for the firm.
Budget Management
Managing the budget for your firm? Collavate provides templates and a workflow that guides you through the entire approval step-by-step, removing the excess communications and reminders that come along with bureaucratic approval systems. Firstly, choose the template that fits your approaches best from Collavate’s public templates. Modify this template however you desire! Then, simply start a workflow from your template, which you can access from the comfort of your Google Drive through our Google Sheet add-on. Finally, watch your approvals pop up!
Streamline Client Interactions
While performing audits, it can be confusing to maintain correspondences and data from many clients. However, Co…

How to Build Slack-like Teamwork and Approval Workflow for Google Drive

In today’s world, every organization has a need for communication between team members. Similarly, every organization has a need for approvals, whether to grant a request or to execute a business process. For teams seeking to get tasks done, an efficient, easy-to-use team chat with approval workflow is critical.

What is a team chat platform? A team chat platform like Slack unifies a team’s communications by bringing all discussions to one place. On the platform, team members can easily discuss and collaborate on different projects or subjects using organized channels. Moreover, a Slack-like teamwork platform allows members to search through past conversations and files. This allows team members to have access to collective company knowledge. What is an approval workflow? An approval workflow automatically routes the review tasks associated with a document or item to designated reviewers. Deadlines and reminders are set for reviewers, and the activity in a workflow can be monitored and edit…