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5 Tips to Centralize Files for Companies via Google Drive

Google Drive can make your work life much easier.  With Drive, your team can stay connected and collaborate seamlessly. Here are five tips to help you centralize your company files with Google Drive: Workflow File Ownership Transfer to Company
Maintaining sharing and ownership privileges can be confusing while processing workflow files.  File viewing and editing privileges must be constantly updated as users request feedback from superiors and as files are slated for completion.   However, the process can be made simple through Google Drive.  File ownership can be transferred to a company folder in order to streamline the workflow process.  Doing so allows files to be viewable by appropriate company employees and enforces administrator privileges across all of the files. Document Templates for Company Forms
While growing a business, there are a multitude of forms that must repetitively be filled out, such as budget statements, leave requests and financial vouchers.  By creating document te…

Collavate 4.2.3 Release: Custom Theme Interface

Good morning, Collavate Users!
It is now springtime which means that the trees and flowers are sprouting abundantly. Below are the release notes describing the changes we made. 1. User / domain Custom Theme UI Support Since it is the spring time, you will want to gravitate away from boring and dull websites. Version 4.2.3 of Collavate allows users to customize the theme color as seen the following screen. As soon as this release was made, this feature was so popular that there was a good competition between each other in the company. Who can make the best Collavate design within your company? To do this, click the three-color icon in the upper right corner. If you are an administrator, you can apply your design to the entire company as shown below. For your reference, we are also working on supporting mobile web and email templates to also support unified color design. 2. Support multiple attachments in Approval Process
In the past, only one file could be attached to the electronic approval …

10 Reason Why Companies Need Workflow Systems

During the course of business, companies have certain requirements that must be met.  How they accomplish the task can be done the hard way or simplified which save time and money.  Let’s take a look at the top reasons companies need workflow systems.

Improved Collaboration Collaboration is a must for businesses.  From the office to clients and business-to-business dealings, it’s imperative that people work together and that they do so efficiently.  A workflow system is a platform where employees can quickly locate projects and provide feedback.  There are many access points where your team can communicate with one another.  This improved collaboration feature allows for transparency within the group too.

Digital Trail
How much time do your team members spend trying to locate a document?  Think of the time it takes to store a document and then to find it again when it’s needed.  Digital copies of all files are stored plus automatic updates occur on all workflow processes.  Imagine how muc…