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How to Build an Intranet for Google Drive

Before I dive into the topic of building an intranet, let’s begin by talking about what exactly is an intranet as well as the benefits business gain out of building an intranet. Intra means within, while net means a group of computers that share the same knowledge base. Together, intranet means a private network that is usually under one enterprise. The purpose of intranet is to distribute and share information among employees.

Now let’s discuss the benefits of intranet. Besides the easy accessibility for employees to obtain information, intranet can increase worker engagement as well as productivity. This is due to the fact that when employees log into a shared, common space on a daily basis, employees would then be well connected to each other and their tasks. With an intranet, collaboration is made easier as employees can easily share files, store conversations, reference relevant past data within the intranet, and manage information efficiently. Other benefits of an intranet includ…