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Collavate Update 4.3.11 Now Available with Design Enhancements

The Collavate Update 4.3.11 is now accessible with additional design enhancement features that promise to provide a better experience for users.  Within the G Suite improvements are time saving simplifications and email improvements. Installment Improvement for Collavate Business   One of the most exciting and useful update is the improvement of the installation of Collavate Business.  In the past, when initially installing G Suite admin, the process was a bit lengthy and a little confusing to some as well when users were prompted to sync G Suite domains and document the manager’s email ID.   The Collavate Update 4.3.11 offers convenience and simplicity with the improvements to the descriptions and design of the setting screen, making it easier to understand and speedier to implement.  Users will find that installation is now a breeze.    

Significant innovative changes have been made on the Document Manager screen, allowing a specific account to be designated within your company that is …