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Collavate Update Ver. 4.4.1 - Lock Approvers in a Template

Collavate supports a variety of approval workflow methods such as parallel and sequential approval. Moreover, you can also utilize the template feature to approve the form of the document. This allows the Collavate Admin to create company's designated template, and then save the template with a predefined flow of approvers. Until now, the document submitter was able to change the approver within the template. From now on, the submitter won’t be able to modify or delete approvers in the template. When a Collavate Admin saves a template, documents that should be submitted to the company's common payer can be locked. This allows the submitter to submit the document for approval without the risk of accidentally deleting or modifying the payer information. For example, for a purchase note, if the payer is always the same approver, you can save the approver from the purchase document template as the purchasing lead. Using Collavate is easy!  In the Collavate side menu bar, on the right …

Collavate for Google Docs Add-on 2.0 Release

Approval workflow Collavate add-on for Google Docs and Google Sheets allows you to initiate the approval process of documents directly from the Google document that you are creating, saving you valuable time and effort. In addition, when you install Collavate Business Suite for G Suite, add-ons are also deployed so you can use both applications and add-ons in your web browser. The add-on feature on Collavate Add-on Now has been completely upgraded to provide a more convenient user experience. Users now have access to almost all of the electronic approval workflow for google docs without going through the Collavate app. What’s new on Collavate Add-on 2.0? Almost all of the workflow tasks that you can do with Collavate App are now possible through the Google Docs add-on. Here are some of the major features that have been supported by Collavate Add-on Version 2: Document category can be selectedDue Date (deadline) can be configuredSave frequently used approver flows as favorite and also allow…