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Collavate acquired ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Getting the ISO certificate means that Collavate is taking the right steps to achieve and maintain high levels of quality control superiority. However, the certification demands that we continue to stay motivated to improve and keep up with current customer needs. Continuous improvement
Employees at Collavate understand how their daily tasks relate to the vision of the company. If the employees understand that they make a huge contribution toward the accomplishment of the company’s goals, they work meticulously as a team to achieve these objectives. Such teamwork is critical in the growth of our business, and our customers businesses. Having some specialists who make the most of the available technology is our sure-fire way to make sure we maximize returns and cut our costs. By doing this, we can continually offer Collavate at its lowest price available. Our quality specialists are always addressing the following issues: • Improving the company’s internal structures to guarantee efficiency…